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Last Revised: 04/20/17

Southwest Wyoming and Northeast Utah - Producing Property
See Executive Summary

22,000 net acres (all HBP)
3 Producing Units and 4 Producing Fields
Total Proved Reserves of 9.1MMBoe (Gross), 6.4MMBoe (net)
58.9% PDP, 5.1% PDNP, 35.9% PUD
PV10 of $31.8 million
705 BOEPD (Gross), 496 BOEPD (net) - 90% revenue by oil
Average monthly cash flow of $235M
Seller operates all units, leases, and wells
Average NRI for all leases greater than 80%
All production reserves are located within an area approximately 9 miles long and 7 miles wide
Significant down spacing drilling locations
Negotiated transaction and subject to prior commitment
Numerous Financial Structures will be considered

Dawson County, Texas - Production and Acreage

Option to Purchase approximately 12,800 acres
Option allows buyer to drill wells for evaluation prior to purchasing acreage
100% WI, 75% NRI
Multi-zone horizontal drilling play in Lower Spraberry, Dean, and Wolfcamp A
Offset operators touting EURs of 1.2MMBOE
50 BOPD existing production from 6 vertical Wolfcamp wells
Extensive data set available in Virtual Data Room
Negotiated Transaction


Harding County, South Dakota - 4,500 Net Acres

Main target is the Red River Formation (potential in the A, B, C, and D benches)
Located in the SE extension of the Cedar Creek Anticline
Offset production ranges from 300 to 750 MBO per well
Vertical and/or horizontal development

42,000 Net Acres - Harding and Butte Counties, South Dakota

Main target is the Red River Formation
Located in the SE extension of the Cedar Creek Anticline
Nearby wells have produced on average of over 500 MBO/well
100+ Drilling locations
Bakken/Three Forks Acreage
Daniels County, Montana

16,100 net acres in Daniels County, Montana
100% WI, 80% NRI
Main target is the Bakken / Three Forks
Secondary targets include the Madison Group (McGowen, Mission Canyon, Ratcliffe, and Charles) and the Red River
Potential Recoverable reserves > 50 million barrels
Acreage is adjacent to large, well know Bakken operators
Leases have 20 months remaining on the primary term with 3 year kickers

Dimmit County, TX - Development Opportunity. Hamilton Ranch North - San Miguel Sand

A fully executed Confidentiality Agreement is required to gain access to the Virtual Data Room. Please email chris@rivieraensley.com to request the CA.

10,000 acres in Dimmit County, TX 73.5% NRI
Shallow horizontal drilling (3,000 feet TVD, 2,800' laterals)
One proven target with 1 or more probable/possible San Miguel targets
Excellent geologic control from numerous vertical wellbores
Gross EURs = 158 Mbo, 286 MMcf, 22 Mb NGL per well(based on the most recent frac design)
Estimated completed well costs = $2.5 MM
125 potential drilling locations with total potential reserves greater than 25 MMBoe
Lease Obligations:
Drill 2 wells each calendar year and complete 2 wells in the subsequent calendar year starting in 2016.
Each well earns 160 acres
Deal Terms:
Investor commits to provide 100% of the cap ex to drill and complete the first 2 wells and earns 50% WI in the project



Producing Salt Dome Divestiture
Brazos, Matagorda, & Wharton Counties, Texas

Interest is in three salt domes : Allen Dome, Boling Dome, & Markham Dome
3,720 net acres (366 acres HBP)
100% WI, 72% NRI
Shallow conventional development
Stacked Miocene and Frio Sands allowing for multiple behind-pipe zones
Cumulative production of 71 MMBO
6 producing wells
Net production = 35 BOPD
Current cash flow = $30M / month
100+ identified drilling locations

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